Flank Fat

What are love handles?

Everyone has fat in their body and this is totally normal. However, most people don’t like it when too much fat forms in the body. The excess fat does not form in the same spot for every person. These “problem areas” differ from person to person, but some areas are more common than others. The terms love handles, beer bellies, and batwings exist for a reason.

So what are love handles exactly? When a person has excess fat at the flank of his body we talk about love handles. Newlyweds gain a few kilos on average in their first year as a married couple, according to research, hence the name love handles. It is the skin of the waistline that you can see hanging over someone’s pants.

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How can I lose my love handles?

With exercise and diet, you can try to get rid of your love handles. Maybe changing to another diet or exercise regime will have beneficial effects. In reality, many people hardly see any results from their efforts. Primarily when your problem area is the waistline, it can be hard to remove the extra kilos there, even when there are visible results in other parts of your body.

What is left to do? It is possible to go for liposuction. This is not a decision to take lightly though, it is a very costly and invasive procedure with potential risks. There is a non-surgical procedure worth exploring to make the choice easier.

The best NON-SURGICAL option

Cryo-Slim™ is a cutting-edge technique gaining more and more attention lately. The process is called cryolipolysis or better known as lipo-freeze. Fat cells are sensitive to the cold and will freeze quickly. Cryo-Slim™ targets the fat cells of your love handles with a specialized tool. Within 2-3 months the targeted fat cells will be naturally eliminated by your body. With just one procedure, we can already reduce the fat cells of your flank with 25%. What makes Cryo-Slim™ such a great alternative is that its non-invasive, pain-free, takes just about 30 minutes of your time, and you don’t need any recovery time. Did we already mention one of the best features? The results are PERMANENT.

How much does Cryo-Slim™ cost?

People are always surprised when they discover the cost of Cryo-Slim™, because it is just a fraction of the cost of liposuction. It clearly is a great way to get a beautiful waistline again in a safe, non-invasive, and affordable way.

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