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Reduce Stubborn Fat

What is Cryo-Slim™?

Cryo-Slim™ is a unique, fat-freezing treatment that can reduce stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat by up to 25%. It is completely non-invasive (no lacerations), there is no need for anesthesia, and also no healing time. This procedure is convenient for the majority of clients, lasting 1 to 3 hrs. During this procedure, patients can check out, work on their laptop, listen to music, or scroll through Facebook. The majority of clients typically resume their regular tasks, even returning to work as early as the same day as the treatment.

Cryo-Slim™ Procedure:

Step 1: Patient Evaluation

Every Cryo-Slim™ procedure starts with a Patient Evaluation session. During this time, you will discuss what you’d like to accomplish from your procedure. Our trained clinical staff will then evaluate your unique physiology and together you will create a plan that will include where on the body you will be receiving treatment, how many sessions will be needed, and when you will begin your first session.

Step 2: Begin Treatment

To start your session, we ask each patient to make themselves comfortable on our treatment table and make the treatment area accessible to the clinician. Your clinician will then apply a gel-membrane to the skin to ensure the Cryo-Slim™ applicator’s cold temperature does not harm your skin.

Step 3: Activate Applicator

Our clinician will then turn on the Cryo-Slim™ device and attach the applicator to the treatment area. The applicator creates uses a vacuum to create suction and attach itself to the treatment area before applying a cold temperature. The vacuum also helps create a physically-sterile environment to create the desired effect on your treatment area without any outside thermal interference. The applicator will stay attached to the treatment area for exactly 30 minutes before removal to treat another area.

Some patients may experience some minor discomfort due to the suction or cold temperature.

Step 4: Massage Treated Area

Immediately after each treatment, your clinician will manually massage the treated area in order to stimulate the lymphatic system, which will help your body flush out the newly frozen subcutaneous tissue cells.

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