Cryo-Slim™: Give Body Fat the Cold Shoulder

  • Blog   •   June 27, 2020

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We’ve all had those days…work is busy, the kids won’t leave you alone, the dog is being a pain…so you order a pizza, which turns into leftover breakfast pizza, another slice for lunch, and even dinner because it’s a shame to waste it. You force down that last slice with a vow that you’re done; enough is enough! I am going to GET FIT…tomorrow.

More and more people are following through on these promises to themselves and spend the next year watching what they eat, they join a gym and board the fitness train to Shred Town. And we are there for you if you are one of them. It is not an easy task dragging yourself out of bed two hours earlier every morning for a date with the dreadmill.

So, we know there’s nothing more likely to get you reaching for the takeout food speed dial than when you reach the inevitable plateau where, no matter what you do, you cannot budge those stubborn pockets of fat that hang around your body like that friend who came to stay for a couple of weeks three years ago and is now living on the futon in your spare bedroom.

Look, you really aren’t alone. We know when you go to the gym now all you see are the shredded gym bunnies whose muscles seem to have their own muscles, but that’s because you’re choosing to focus on what you wish you were. Remember where you started. Look around the gym next time you’re there and see those red-faced sweaty piles of regret who started their get fit promise yesterday and be thankful you’re now past that phase.

Yeah, sure, you have some stubborn areas, we all do! And in the past the only option would have been going under the surgeon’s knife, having the fat sucked out, and then dealing with a couple of months of aftercare…but there is another, non-invasive way.

Liposuction Rockford IL Alternative

Fighting The Flab

We are happy to admit we have as many problem areas as the next person who wastes hours a day in front of the mirror scrutinizing the flabby bits. The advanced technology we have in our world today isn’t invented because someone foresaw a potential issue for the good of others. No!

Technology is created in a desperate selfish panic by those who needed to solve their own problems as quickly as possible. So, it stands to reason that a bunch of panic-ridden, surgery phobic lumps created Cryo-Slim™, a non-invasive, cost-effective non-surgical way to reduce fat by up to 25%.

We know what you’re thinking. “Riiiight, so you’re telling me you have a machine that can significantly reduce my belly fat and dangling bits for a fraction of the cost of surgery and I don’t even need to take weeks off work to recover or risk post-surgical infection? Next, you’ll be trying to convince me to buy some magic beans, or that sleeping burns fat!”

Erm, well actually getting enough sleep does aid in fat burn because it reduces the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body which promotes the burning of fat cells. As for the magic beans, well, you got us there. But getting back to our mega tech! We are in fact telling you exactly all that, and we have the testimonies to prove it.

Cryo-Slim™ is, in essence, a very simple, scientifically proven biological process utilized by our technology that freezes fat cells in your problem areas so your own body can naturally eliminate them like magic. And we don’t even have to go to Hogwarts!

Abdominal Fat Pocket Removal with Lipo Freeze

The Science-y Bit – We’ll Keep It Short!

Cryolipolysis [cry-olipol-y-sis] — which is just science speak for fat freezing, was discovered when Harvard researchers noticed children who regularly ate frozen ice-pops had a much higher chance of developing dimples. As they dug into the reason why, they discovered that it was to do with the freezing of fat cells…so our theory was literally child’s play (sorry) but it led to this cool (not so sorry) technology that we can now offer directly to you!

Whenever you work out or diet, what is actually happening beneath the skin is that fat cells are reducing in size, but their numbers remain the same within your body.

Our Cryo-Slim™ technology is a distinct fat-freezing treatment that decreases stubborn pockets of fat that diet and workout may not help. It essentially freezes these cells and allows your body to naturally remove them. This means they’ll be gone as opposed to migrating around your body for a little unwelcome vacation somewhere else.

So How Does It Work?

Our Cryo-Slim™ treatment features a one-of-a-kind device that can freeze fat cells in noticeable fat bulges under the chin, the jawline, thigh, and abdomen as well as flank. It also tackles bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks, and the arm. After a 60-75minute session, your body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells in 2-3 months, resulting in up to 25% reduction of fat in a treated area.

The treatment is also highly beneficial for those looking to reduce cellulite or treat unseemly stretch marks that can often form after dramatic weight loss.

If you’ve gone to all that trouble to lift weights and build muscle, you damn well want to show those muscles off! Thanks to the skin tightening results of Cryo-Slim™ your muscles will be better excavated than a recently discovered ancient burial ground.

And guess what…the results are permanent!

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